About Us

The UTSC Music Society is a registered campus club, with aims to support musicians on the University of Toronto Scarborough campus.

Our Mission

The University of Toronto Music Society (UMS) aims to:

  1. Maintain the openness and accessibility of music
    1. Provide and support diverse opportunities to engage in music on campus
    2. Raise awareness for music opportunities on campus and in the local community
  2. Assist in growth and development of musicians
    1. Encourage lifelong involvement in music, regardless of career path, within the school and surrounding community
    2. Promote knowledge of the benefits of engagement in music
  3. Present social opportunities
    1. Provide opportunities for individuals to come together as a community and to share similar interests driven by engagement in music.
  4. Share music with the community
    1. UTSC music will engage audiences with performances of various genres, and in doing so, will attempt to inspire active participation in music, as continuing audience members or active participants.
  5. Support the UTSC Music Program
    1. Recruit students (internally and externally) to enroll in music courses and programs at UTSC.
    2. Provide support for administrators in the Music Department in their pursuit of advancing and developing the program.

2015-16 Executive Team

Priya Sivathason

Position: President
Program: Human Biology & Psychology, Year 3

Jensen Lee

Position: Communications Lead
Program:  Human Biology, Year 4

Jason Li

Position: Finance
Program: Arts Management & Music and Culture, Year 4

Helen Zhou

Position: Events Lead
Program: Comprehensive Math & Computer Science, Year 3

 Himika (w)

Himika Ali

Position: Events Coordinator
Program: Neuroscience and IDS, Year 3

Karen (w)

Karen Del Rosario

Position: Events Coordinator
Program: Human Biology and Music, Year 2

Karen Pryce

Position: First Year Representative
Program: Psychology, Sociology, & Music, Year 1


Jessica Lam

Position: First Year Representative
Program: Journalism, Year 1


Ensemble Representatives

Ainsley Lawson

Ensemble: Community Concert Band, Executive Director

Jamie Li

Ensemble: Vocomotive Rep

Jason Li

Ensemble: Community Concert Choir