Back to School!

Written by ainsley. Posted in Announcements

Hi everyone! Welcome back to campus! This week, you can find UMS in the Meeting Place at Club’s Week, recruiting new members and sharing info about the exciting events we have planned for this year. If you missed meeting us at our table, make sure you check out the opportunities we have available:

Join UMS!

Fill out this form to become a member of UMS, and get notified about all our concerts / trips / various shenanigans.  Currently, we’re planning a group trip to go see Wicked, looking for musicians to perform at our October coffee night, and recruiting for the UTSC music ensembles!  Also, merchandise sales will be starting soon!!

Be a First Year Representative!

We`re looking to add two new UTSC students to our executive team for the 2014-15 year.  Fill out an application form and email it back to us to apply.

Join the UTSC Community Concert Band!

Do you play one of those instruments that you blow air through, or hit with sticks?  Yes!?  Then we want to know you!  Rehearsals are starting soon, so make sure you click here to sign up!  This semester we’re planning on doing a Halloween-themed concert on campus, and a Christmas concert at the lovely St. Francis Centre.

Join Vocomotive!

Don’t lie — we know you’ve all been watching an episode Glee and thought to yourself “one day, I hope to be cool enough to join an a capella choir.”  That day is now!  This student-run ensemble performs at various events around campus, and can be found serenading sweethearts during their popular Valentine’s Day Singing Telegram event.  Contact Jamie Li to schedule your audition.

Get a Credit for Making Music!

Yes you read that right! You can get course credit for being in the UTSC Concert Band, Concert Choir, String Orchestra, or Small Ensemble course.  Head on over to the Department of Arts, Culture and Media for the details.