Executive Elections

Written by Priya Sivathason. Posted in Announcements

It’s time to pick next year’s executive team for UMS!   The application form is available here, and is due on Monday, March 21st at 5:00 P.M.  If you are interested in applying, please fill out the form and email it with your resume to info@utscmusic.com.


Executive positions include:


  • Responsible for overseeing general club operations
  • Official spokesperson for the club
  • Lead organizer for the club’s larger initiatives (e.g. creation of new ensembles)
  • Maintains communication with the ensemble leaders
  • Ensures that the club is functioning in a manner consistent with the club’s values and constitution
  • Direction, development and promotion of the overall objectives and goals of the club
  • Design posters, facebook banners, tv banners, and brochures for UMS events and initiatives

Vice President

  • Maintain documentation of the club’s operations throughout the year
  • Oversees club and ensemble recruitment
  • Management of club email
  • Coordinates merchandise sales (both semesters)


  • Initiates communication via email with new club members
  • Records minutes during executive and general meetings
  • Assists Vice President to maintain documentation of the club’s operations throughout the year
  • Assists Vice President to strategize new ways to recruit members for UMS, and reach all the musicians on campus


  • Completes funding applications for events and initiatives
  • Maintains record of financial transactions
  • Signing officer on the UMS bank account
  • Assists in organization of our major fundraising projects (merchandise sales and singing telegrams)

Marketing Lead

  • Strategizes new ways to recruit members for UMS, and reach all the musicians on campus
  • Networks with other club leaders and community groups to look for opportunities for collaboration
  • Contacts advertising services (on- and off-campus) to promote UMS initiatives
  • Maintains the club’s online presence by regularly updating our facebook and twitter pages, and the UMS website

Events Coordinator (x4)

  • Organizes on‐campus events that provide members with opportunities for performance
  • Organizes off-campus performance trips to see professional musicians (TSO, musicals, etc.)
  • Organizes social events for our members (movie nights, end-of-term socials)